Top 10 Best Places To Visit In October Outside India

best places to visit in october outside india

The transitional colourful autumn season of golden leaves and mild weather attracts travellers globally. Halloween and Oktoberfest beckon according to the country and culture that invite the family most. Choose European or Asian destinations, African, Australian, and American too.  The best places to visit in October outside India may be more numerous than usually thought.

Urban delights and tropical paradises, lush beaches and water sports, adventure looms everywhere. The list may help facilitate the choices to visit places across the continents in October.

1. Italy, a much sought after European holiday destination

Blessed equally by ancient heritage structures and the warmth of nature, Italy remains unrivalled.  With cold temperature and mild rainfall, October would be great out there. Rome inspires with the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and St. Peter’s Basilica along with the Vatican City.

Florence, da Vinci, and the David sculptures, Uffizi Gallery – the wonders never cease. Venice and the gondolas along with the fashion scene at Milan! Pompeii, Pisa Tower, Sicily and Isle of Capri, no wonder Italy is number one.

2. Turkey blends eastern and western cultures

The world’s major religions, Christianity and Islam come together in Turkey. The Assyrians and the Romans had their parts to play here.  The ancient capital Istanbul used to be the Constantinople of old. Turkey used to be the Ottoman Empire.

The mild autumn in October with ample sunshine, chilly evenings and occasional rain would make for a delightful tour. The 17th century Hagia Sophia was a Greek Basilica that later became a mosque with the Ottoman Empire and now serves as a museum.

Make it to the Topkapı Palace and Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Ankara Castle, Pamukkale town and the old spa city Hierapolis. Ethnic jewellery and Turkish coffee would figure among the purchases.

3. Explore France, the world’s fashion capital

Along with Eiffel Tower and wine, France means Louis Vuitton and Ives Saint Laurent.  The comfy temperature in October makes for a classic tour, amidst the wine harvest and food festivals.

Get stunned by centuries of history in Paris amidst Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, Notre Dame presently getting renovated and the Palace of Versailles. Lyon’s Roman theatre and the ancient drawings of Lascaux.

Don’t forget to tour Nice beaches, taste wine, and cheese in French Alps and Burgundy. Riviera, Moulin Rouge, and Disneyland?

4. Get mystically blessed in towering Bhutan

Buddhist Bhutan invites you to meditate and discover peace and happiness at high altitude temples and monasteries. Would you rather trek and go boating or witness religious dances at the Thimphu Tshechu? October would invigorate with the cold winds and long days of sunshine.

Paro valley and the climb to Taktsang monastery (Tiger’s Nest) beckons. Rock climbing in Thimphu and River Rafting in Punakha along with bird watching in Phobjikha are some adventures. Hot springs like Gasa Tshachu? Yoga and meditation? Bhutan certainly figures among the best places to visit in October outside India.

5. Race with the people of Hong Kong

Do you fancy Southeast China and autonomous Hong Kong, a mighty business and tourist hub? Bright sunny skies in October would be just what every tourist dreams of. Halloween is in the news at the Disneyland out here.

Sightseeing? Plenty of wonders to keep the family enthralled through the days and nights. Amusement parks and beaches, nightlife, and temples? Sailing and hiking? Victoria Peak and the Big Buddha, Happy Valley Racecourse and Man Mo Temple are on top of the agenda.

Shopping fanatics find much to get crazy about at the markets and malls. Try Cat Street for antiques and Apliu Street Market for gadgets! Lower Kowloon has high street fashion brands. 

6. Travel the ends of the earth to Canada

Niagara Falls promises a glorious sight in the super tourist destination of Canada. Natural wonders and breath-taking scenery that extend from the mountains to the Arctic Ocean, Canada is it.

October would be pleasant. Poutine and Sugar Beach, along with the cities, would elevate the senses. And this all makes Canada one of the best places to visit in October outside India.

 7. If you fancy the water around Hawaii!

The memorable Sunset Cruise, whale watching and beach hopping along with the most significant hikes at Kauai would make Hawaii a very mystical destination. Swim, surf, and snorkel to the heart’s content. October rainfall is sparse with more daylight hours, and hiking trails are drier.

8. Chase super beaches in Mauritius

Do you fancy the sheer blue waters and virgin sand on heavenly beaches? Get to Mauritius that lies like a jewel in the Indian Ocean. Day temperatures rise in October.

Beach hopping would revive spirits and water sports bring the zing back to life. Shopping and spa experiences? Scuba diving and kite surfing keep you busy in Belle Mare. Snorkel amidst the Blue Bay Marine Park and go cave sea kayaking in the Albion Caves.

Go horse riding, luxury cruising, and the beautiful underwater sea walking! A seaplane ride from Albatross will get you within touching distance of numerous wonders. Include Mauritius National Botanical Garden, Chamarel Village, and Earth Tamarin Bay in the program.

9. Get a taste of mountainous Scotland

In a rugged country of harsh nature, Scotland, October is getting colder, and the crowds are less. Avail discounted tourist facilities. The Celtic tradition Samhain festival (Halloween) comes at the end of October, a time for bonfires in every home.

Loch Ness Lake and the story of the monster would thrill!  Cairngorms and Northwest Highlands, Loch Lomond and the Isle of Skye are must-visit spots. Inverness and Glasgow are cities worth the visit. 

Also include Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Princess Street in Edinburgh. Whiskey lovers, chat over a few drinks at the bar and hear stories of fairies and elves.

10. Fancy the islands at the Seychelles archipelago?

October is pleasant but wet in this natural paradise of mountain rainforests and beaches, coral reefs and rare animals. The best of the 115 islands have little organization. La Digue Island stands proud amidst time with small roads or vehicles.

Curieuse Island is famed for mighty tortoises. Praslin Island has a nature park, and the Félicité Seychelles National Botanical Gardens on Mahé is super too. The best places to visit in October outside India may become a complicated decision!

Get the world in the palm of the hand with a sensational holiday to an exotic destination with the family. Wait no longer. Next year may bring another wonderful vacation.